SRMIST organised a Conference on Development Journalism – Press release

Looking at India Differently
The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of SRM Institute of Science and Technology organised a Conference on Development Journalism on 14th and 15th of March, 2019 at the Hippocrates Auditorium (Medical College), SRMIST Kattankulathur. The theme of the event, conducted by the Young Journalists’ Association (YJA), was ‘Looking at India Differently’ through the lens of Development Journalism, a field in media studies that is gaining more importance nationally and internationally.
In spite of the onset of globalisation and rapid advances in information technology, there are a variety of issues that have not yet been dealt with effectively in the media world. Hence the significance of Development Journalism. The topics of discussion during the conference were agriculture and rural India, welfare of women, health and sanitation and communicating development.
The two day conference witnessed various speakers representing different sectors such as the education, banking and the media industry as well as panel discussions on ‘Bridging the Gap’ that had guest speakers from agro-based industries.
The participants of the conference included students and faculty of the department of journalism and media studies from various colleges in and around Tamil Nadu. The conference was an eye-opener, focusing on the various issues experienced by rural India as well as the role development journalism can play in highlighting these problems.

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