WV Connect Fashion Show 2019

WV Connect Awards 2019 reveals the Winners of 2019 from the Wedding Industry. As a part of the extravaganza, the evening was filled with purpose, entertainment, glitz, glamour and an extremely involved audience which added maximum flavour to the Grand Finale. 


The WV Connect Fashion Show 2019 had a clear objective of making it the most impactful platform to encourage gen-next to step into the wedding fashion world. 

The vision that WV Connect Fashion Show brought alive was the importance of education in Fashion l. It also aimed at being a strong catalyst in building awareness amongst students and professionals of the wedding fraternity to encash on the opportunity that the world of Brides and Grooms brings to the lifestyle and the wedding industry. We are grateful to FIDA for stepping in as our partner to curate the entire show involving their students. Our two designers Swaadh & Aquaab stepped in with utmost enthusiasm to showcase their 

skill & craft. 


WV Connect 2019 with its focus in bringing the global industry to Chennai has opened doors in very lucrative and strategic ways  for cross cultural business and to take the economics of the wedding business both inbound and outbound to greater heights

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