Edufly Academy aims to create 1 lakh Entrepreneurs

Edufly Academy aims to create 1 lakh Entrepreneurs in 3 years
Introduces unique business model under ‘Business Education E-commerce Platform’
First-of-its-kind E-Commerce business opportunity at a minimum investment

Chennai, May 2019

Aloha India – The Indian Franchisee of Malaysian Aloha, has launched its subsidiary Edufly Academy and Business Education E-commerce Platform (BEEP) in association with Edufly College, Malaysia in the city. The Chief Guest for the launch was Mr. Yap Keong Foon, Director, Edufly College and Guest of Honor was Mr. I.S.A.K. Nazar, Founder Director & CEO, Manna Foods.



Aloha India is known for its educational initiatives for the past two decades across India and has introduced this unique concept with the sole aim to create 1 lakh entrepreneurs in India after realizing the dismal employability skills of the students who and the fact that 56% of the World’s young population are Indians.

“Edufly Academy is an e-commerce training academy that would train these budding entrepreneurs in the e-commerce business making them self reliant and ready to start business with just the basic requirements,” said Aloha Kumaran, MD, Edufly Academy.

“BEEP as the name suggests is the platform that these trained certificate holders will use to make their e-commerce transactions. Currently, BEEP has over 1 million imported products with offerings such as bags, pens, apparels, shoes, furniture, television sets, mobiles, accessories, pen drives and a million more. All these products are manufactured in China, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. The products are currently stored in 7 warehouses across the world including Mumbai,” he added.

The Academy stipulates every Indian has to be 18 years and above and with a nominal investment spent towards ecommerce training of ten hours over a week or over a weekend at the academy. A Course certificate will be issued at the time of completion.

BEEP will in turn offer these “course completion students” to sell online through say an Amazon where, they can list these products as a seller. Each Individual will be provided with a unique seller ID known to him or her only.

How does this Unique Entrepreneur model work:
Every student who undertakes this course of ten hours over a weekend (5 hours a day) or 2 hours every day of the week will be issued a certificate from Edufly India.
The requirements that are mandatory are
System (laptop or desktop)
Permanent Account Number (PAN)
Goods and Service Tax number (GST)
Bank Account
Once these certificate holders are ready, all they need to is login to our portal that is exclusive for them and select any product(s) they think will be sell and with their seller ID that we provide in say for example, for them, they can post and wait for a sale to happen.
Their responsibility ends with the listing in the ecommerce platform.

Once a sale takes place, an intimation is received to the seller and once the seller of that product intimates Edufly team, the shipment will be dispatched from one of the 7 warehouses across the world to either Amazon (or ecommerce platform seller) or can be dispatched and delivered directly to the buyer.
A commission of 30 percent of the profit is given to the Edufly seller as a part of his profit directly into his bank account.

“It is indeed a very unique business proposition that we are offering to all Indians today, irrespective of whether they are a college student, employed professional, retired government officials or a home maker. The more they spend time on this, the more they earn. The amount of respect they will get from their parents, peers, friends and the society at large when they emerge successful irrespective whether they are in a city or a village is unimaginable. We are making it a level playing field for every single citizen of India to earn a good amount and be an entrepreneur,” said Mr. Aloha Kumaran, the brain child behind this unique concept.

What made him think of this and he answers, “The employability skills of a student today are less than 7 percent in India which is quite alarming. The State or Central Government can only do so much. It is up to us to offer something for the generations to come “.

“With prices of these imported products be it a pair of shoes, apparels, bags etc starting from Rs. 300 onwards, the potential is immense and earning capability is high,” he added.

Commenting on the franchisee model, Aloha Kumaran said, “We have been very successful with our earlier franchisee business models and here also I intend to replicate the same except in a manner that will have one franchisee in every pincode across India. The franchisee earns by providing training 70 percent of the training fees that is paid by the student. Furthermore, for every sale that his/her student has made, the franchisee will earn 10 percent of that sale each and every time. This is truly a win-win situation for the student and the franchisee. India has more than 1 lakh pincodes, so the magnitude of this venture is truly mind boggling.”

The company has plans to replicate this model not only in India but, other countries too in the coming years.

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