breastfeeding week (01.08.2019 to 07.08.2019) celebrated in Nungambakkam Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital

World breastfeeding week   (01.08.2019 to 07.08.2019) celebrated in Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital

Chennai : World breastfeeding week is celebrated every year from 1st August to 7th August to encourage breastfeeding and sustain good health in babies.

It commemorates the Innocenti declaration, signed in August 1990 by policy makers, WHO, UNICEF and other organizations to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

This year world breastfeeding slogan reads “empower parents, enable breastfeeding”. This has been chosen to be inclusive of all types of parents in today’s world.

Focus on supporting both the mother and father to be empowered in initial in order to realize their goals in breastfeeding.

Empowerment is a process that requires evidence based unbiased information and support to create an enabling environment where mothers can breast feed optimally.

Breast feeding is in mother’s domain and when fathers, families, workplaces and Communities support her, breast feeding improves.

The Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital, Nungambakkam, chennai this year has planned to conduct a week long educative, interactive, fun filled sessions as part of promotion of Breastfeeding, the elixir of life.

The hospital staff and management have planned various educative programs across the community including arts and science Colleges, IT companies and nursing homes.

We have also planned a WI FI interactive public forum where in we are involving all family members who have been a great moral support to the mother in nurturing her baby.

We invite you all to participate in our weeklong celebration and help in the cause to promote breast feeding.

“Empower parents enable breastfeeding ”Now and for the future !

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