Truth an Facts about AJI-NO-MOTO™ (MSG)

Truth an Facts about AJI-NO-MOTO™ (MSG)

AJI-NO- MOTO® , or Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG), is prepared by the simple process of fermentation, like how we prepare curd from milk. MSG is prepared with natural vegetable ingredients like sugarcane,   sugar-beet or tapioca. The MSG manufactured by the company named Ajinomoto, comes from sugarcane. It has the capacity to enhance the taste of food items. You can add this to sambar, rasam, vegetable fries, soups, and curries and make them taste much better.

Ajinomoto, with its headquarters based in Japan, is selling its products all over the world. In order to prove that the product is safe and harmless, and has obtained the highest possible quality clearance in each of these countries. Quality certificate is issued in countries like the United States of America, Japan, Thailand and India, only after strict tests. In India, agencies like FSSAI and in USA agencies like US FDA, etc have declared the safety of MSG consumption.

AJI-NO- MOTO® is a natural seasoning used to enhance the fifth taste-UMAMI which is present in human body and is present in everyday food like tomatoes, milk, etc.

Ajinomoto as a company was the first company to market the taste enhancer Mono Sodium Glutamate, AJI-NO-MOTO (Umami taste enhancer) all over the world. This is manufactured with natural ingredients, and without adding any chemicals, and hence are good for health. The ingredients used are sugarcane, Tapioca, etc.

Ajinomoto India Private Limited takes serious consideration for the consumers health and has the following advice for the use of MSG,” The world market is flooded with Chinese and locally manufactured duplicate products with false labels. The consumers must remain alert about such fraudulently manufactured products and use only genuine MSG. “On our part, we too are trying our best to take all necessary precautions to remove these duplicate products,” said Mr, Govinda Biswas, Ajinomoto’s Marketing Manager in India.

Ajnomoto India’s production factory is set up near Kancheepuram, Chennai, which also provides employment to many. On the quality of MSG, Mr. Atsushi Mishuku, the Managing Director of Ajinomoto India Private Limited, has assured that the ingredients, ‘Glutamate,’ is present in mother’s breast milk also. Since it is also present in breast milk, It is safe for consumption of infant.

Ajinomoto India also manufactures Happima Fried Rice mix; an ingredient to make fried rice; Blendy, 3-in-one instant coffee and tea mix; Hapima Crispy Fry Mix and A&M Noodles.

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